4 Effective and Efficient Ways to Deal with Negative Online Reviews


Chances are, a simple thank you and smiley emoji are enough to express our gratitude in responding to positive online reviews for our organisation. However, things could be different when it comes to the negative ones. While it is important to keep your responses sweet and simple, you need to calculate the right dictions, right expressions, and right time in order to win back upset customers who write the feedbacks. But, is that enough to bring back a smile on angry customers’ face?

According to Social Media Today, business owners believe that one negative review will severely and negatively impact the whole business. On the contrary, Raj Nijjer at SEJ argued that one or two negative review will not wash away your business at once. “The bad ones are not as bad as you think. Negative review can actually help search engine rankings,” Nijjer explained.

Another study also revealed that reviews do boost average viewers and visitors of your website. They add to total quantity, and having more reviews including negatives ones is correlated with higher rankings in the internet. Additionally, negative reviews are not always bad as it helps you more aware of what your product or services might lack. It also gives you opportunity to improve your product or service which means negative review helps you stay competitive in your business area.

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Nonetheless, albeit providing some advantages, it does not mean you can ignore those negative feedbacks online. The best way to beat negativity is kindness and patience. It means you should be smart enough to answer all possible question negative reviewers have and turn it to positive ones. How do you do that? Keep on reading.  

Decide how to respond

It is true that every customer wants to get reply to their inquiry or complaint as soon as possible. As a business leader, you should first decide how you want to approach ‘negative reviewer’, either by replying to their comments publicly or adopting more personal approach. For example, if the review needs a long discussion, it is better to conduct personal approach as the customer will be more pleased this way. They will think that your company really care about them by spending time to communicate with them. Therefore, once you read those online reviews, think about which approach to apply and respond accordingly.

Decide right strategy to respond to online bully

When you get all CAPITAL review leading to negativity, you should be smart enough to decide whether it is a customer review or just a bully. Negative review is not always from customers, sometimes it is just another competitor that want to make your product or service looks bad. Therefore, before you reply to them, you better decide whether a response is needed. Of course, if the comment comes from an anonymous name, you should be smart enough to solve the problem by giving “smart” response or ignorance instead (giving smart response is highly recommended, though). In the end, be rest assured that most of customers can tell difference between a legitimate reviewer and an online bully. You better pay attention to it.

Take responsibility and be proactive

Another way to show that you care about your customers is by taking responsibility and being proactive regarding their issues. For example, when a customer buys a product from you and they are not satisfied with it, ask why. If the problem comes from the product’s nature for instance it did not arrive as expected or the product arrived damaged, you should first apologise then take responsibility by offering replacements or other alternative actions. You should also be proactive by giving a follow-up to your product and service which will lead to “positive review” eventually.

Offer extra help

The very and least thing you can do to counter negative comments is offering further help. A further help is meant to fix current feelings your customers might develop towards your company. If negative reviewers change their mind and satisfied with your response, they are likely to come back as they see value in your customer service and product. Therefore, stating that you are ready anytime they need will probably add more joy to your customers.

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