7 Must-have Qualities to be a Successful Recruiter


More recruiters are finding it increasingly difficult to fill open positions nowadays, with global talent shortage at a 12-year high. ManpowerGroup data revealed that almost half (45 percent) employers cannot find the right candidates for positions needed in the organisation, while almost three quarters respondents are having difficult time finding skilled candidates. Likewise, this competitive talent market lead recruiters to asking their own competence in their area. It also adds a confusion amongst hiring professionals about what qualified recruiter should have to win the job market.

So, what does it take to be a high-achieving recruiter?

Amidst the changing paradigm in recruitment industry, Elieen Han, successful assistant team lead at Talentvis, has shared her view on what it takes to be a successful recruiter. Without further ado, here goes 7 qualities a successful recruiter should have.

01 Communication skills

Communication skill is a must-have skill for leading recruiter wanna-be. It is important because in order to hire the right candidate, you should understand needs of job seeker and needs of your company. According to Elieen, good recruiter should be able to bridge between the needs of job seekers and clients. In order to do so, recruiter needs listen to various expectations of both clients and candidates. “For example, to understand the compliance of job itself, we need to explain in the most understandable way to job seekers what to look up for and what to expect,” Elieen added.

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02 Be a good listener  

The second most crucial skill is listening skill. Recruiter should be a good listener. And being a good listener is not just about being present to hear and show that you concern about something. Good listener means you should be able to identify what candidates are looking for and whether candidates are the right choice of position available in company or not.

03 Marketing skill

Recruiter is also a marketer as they need to sell “what and why” the company. Therefore, Elieen stated that marketing skill is needed to connect job seekers with your company. “We should market you (job seekers) to our clients and we should also market our clients to you. Because we need to understand why it is so good to join them. Why it is so good for this company and not the other company. So, that’s when marketing skill comes in,” explained Elieen.

04 Be a good connecter

You should be a sociable person and able to talk in any circumstances as a recruiter. Elieen explained that “recruitment is not just an executive level, junior, temp, contract, or even social life. It is more about everyone who is looking for a job, that’s why we name them as job seeker.” Thus, by being a connector, you are expected to connect candidates with position available in your company.

05 Be a good reform

Elieen stated that recruiters are good reforms because they need to take care of applicants and company at the same time. “Recruiter should ensure applicants to get the right fit into organisation and so clients get right fit of employees in their company,” added Elieen.

06 & 07 Multitasking

“Recruitment is not about meeting applicants or sorting out resume. Recruiter should also be able to look for clients and people who need job. They are also a meeting organizer who should attend a job fair or events.” Therefore, recruiter is expected to be good at doing job all at once to meet employer’s expectation. Also, according to Elieen, meeting people is the main driver of a high-quality recruiter.

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