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05 June 2024
Keeping Your Cool: How to Survive Toxic Coworkers

While it’s impossible to click with each of your colleagues at work, some people do have toxic personalities that might affect your mental health and work performance. Read more to find out about toxic coworkers and how to deal with them.

21 May 2024
Transforming Career Envy as a Fuel for Your Professional Growth

Sometimes hearing that your colleague is being promoted earlier than you is frustrating. However you can turn this career envy as a source of motivation for your professional development.

26 April 2024
Working with a Diverse Team: 3 Tips to Empower your Workforce

Working with a diverse team is infamous with its challenges. However, it’s not impossible to tackle the problems with these 3 tips.

03 April 2024
Ramadan at the Office: 5 Tips to Stay Energized During Working Hours

While fasting during Ramadan can impact energy levels, it’s possible to navigate your workday productively. Here are some tips to stay focused and thrive throughout this holy month.

15 March 2024
Productivity Hacks: What to Do When You’re on Low-Energy Days

Keeping your focus during a bad mood can be difficult to do. Follow these 5 productivity hacks to stay professional when you’re feeling down.

02 February 2024
Don’t Give Up Just Yet: 5 Things to Do After Getting Fired

Getting fired out of a sudden can be a frustrating experience. However, it’s also the opportunity to learn and grow in your professional life.

19 January 2024
How to Stay Productive on a Slow Day at Work

It is tempting to scroll down your social media when your daily tasks are all finished. However, it is better to stay productive during your slow day at work. Check out these tips to keep your brain stimulated when there’s nothing to do.

29 November 2023
5 Reasons Why Candidates Reject Your Job Offers

Today, attracting candidates is harder than it used to. Understand why candidates reject job offers to lower the chances of being turned down.

14 November 2023
5 Effective Ways to Build Social Media Presence

Building social media presence is not only about posting viral videos regularly. It’s a long-term strategy that requires strategic thinking and patience.

01 November 2023
Constructive Criticism: How to Give Feedback without Being Offensive

For a team, constructive criticism is as important as praise. It can be hard to hear, but it’s even more tough to give one. Read more about constructive criticism and how to give one in this article.

21 October 2023
4 Signs You Suffer from Workplace Burnout

Workplace burnout can happen to any worker. If it’s ignored, it can affect your career and even your whole life.

02 October 2023
Should You Let Your Employees Work Outdoors?

Working outdoors might be good for employees' mental health, a research stated. It might be worth it to let your employees be in contact with nature while working.

02 October 2023
5 Things You Need to Know before Taking an Online Courses

Even though online courses are flexible, it doesn’t mean you can take it lightly. As an employee, consider these 5 things before you enroll in online courses.

29 September 2023
How to Respond to Interview Questions You Don't Know How to Answer

It’s not a secret that job interviews can be nerve wracking. Yet no matter how prepared you are, sometimes the interviewer hits you with unexpected questions that you don’t really know how to answer.

20 September 2023
Work-Life Balance: Separate Your Professional Life to Improve Your Performance

In the era where there’s a significant shift in the work patterns and lifestyle, work-life balance is hard to achieve. A strategy to set a fine border to keep personal and professional life apart is urgently needed.